Refrigeration units

Russian- South Korean enterprise Global Freeze is one of the leaders of scientific production companies in engineering and production of refrigeration units for commercial vehicles in Russia and Belarus, Kazakhstan.

The main activities of the company are production and sales of refrigeration units for commercial vehicles and after sale service of refrigeration units more than in 50 regions in Russia and other countries.

Nowadays Global Freeze is a well-established company. Our advantages are reliability, user-friendly products, quick service, reasonable price and others. That’s what attracts our clients.

First refrigeration units produced by the company appeared in the market in 2000. Engineering innovations had a huge impact on the technical characteristics and design of refrigeration systems. We tried to meet all the needs of our customers, concerning the ways of exploitation, kinds of transported goods and environmental and sanitary-epidemiological norms of Russian Federation requirements.

The line of refrigeration units produced from Italians parts and components branded GLOBAL FREEZE™ has been launched in mass production since 2008.

The production system is customer-oriented and respects all the standards of quality management and its main objective is to satisfy and meet the customer’s needs.

Engineering Department of the company follows the innovative strategy in the next directions:

  • Production and development of multi-temperature equipment and systems with auxiliary drive;
  • Improvement of interface and intelligent machine control systems;
  • Adaptation of refrigeration units for non-standard insulated trucks;
  • The use of global positioning systems and vehicle monitoring;
  • Developing of eutectic systems for installation on Russian and foreign transport

Products under the brand GLOBAL FREEZE™ is presented at all the segments of refrigerator transport now. Our price range and different construction decisions attract people with any budget.

We work for you and we always have some fresh ideas!