Advantages of units "GLOBAL FREEZE"

  • We use manual silver soldering at assembling of condenser and evaporator blocks, that helps to avoid the losses of Freon at exploitation.

    In the process of assembling of refrigeration units “Global Freeze” all hydraulic parts are tested for impermeability, and all electronic parts are tested for operability.

  • Modern design of condenser block.

  • Unique ultra-slim evaporator of ceiling type 12 сm high allow to use more effectively the space in the truck at its loading. An innovative solution to use centrifugal fans produced by Korean company Zextor in the evaporator let get a stable high-speed laminar flow of cooled air in the truck, that provides uniform cooling of the whole volume of the truck.

  • The installation of the evaporators is carried out in different ways according to the configuration – front or ceiling type. The construction of a front evaporator has a shockproof housing of aluminum 15 cm deep. Double blowers produced by Spal (Italy) provide stable power and maximum length of the jet of the air flow.

  • At production of refrigeration units “Global Freeze” we use only components of well-known marks and brands: Sanden (Japan), Zextor (Кorea), Spal (Italy), ТРВ Danfoss (Danmark), Atco (USA), Manulli (Italy).

  • Quality and reliability of each component is the guaranty of stable and efficient work of our refrigeration units.

  • Computer system of control of the refrigeration unit with a multilingual interface of the control panel provides wide opportunities for system diagnostics and control of: temperature mode, tracking the current location of the vehicle, reading the data in real time through the net GSM (on GPRS channel); mileage and fuel consumption; speed mode; control of fuel charges and discharges; speed and convenience of browsing data; raster and vector maps; the possibility of adding new objects to the map; the alarm button; SMS notification about arriving at the location; export of reports to MS Excel and 1С; free software and no subscription fee.

  • Quick and convenient installation of the refrigeration units “Global Freeze” significantly reduce the time of entry a refrigeration unit into exploitation.

  • The warranty period of all refrigeration units is 2 years.