Refrigeration unit "GF25 Lite"

The spring has come. We can see a warm temperature on the thermometer. Taking care about your business Global Freeze has broaden the range of our products.

A refrigeration system with the function of "hot-cold" GF HD

GF 25 Lite

Refrigeration system GF 25 Lite


So we are glad to offer you a new model «GF 25 LITE», which has a more compact size, a bit less power and standard wiring and usual system of control. All this let us reduce its price.


  • the system keeps operability from -20° to +30 °С

ambient temperature

  • Теmperature mode: 11 m3…. -20; 17 m3….+5
  • Condenser block includes 1 fan
  • Evaporator block includes 2 fans but the battery is more compact

More over:

  • Control system and the wiring are the same
  • The temperature limits in the truck are from -20 to +10°C
  • High flow rate and excellent mixing of the air in the truck
  • At these conditions the units are more convenient for the difficult economic situation in the world
      Retail price
GF 25 Lite 11 m3 -20oC On request
17 m3 0o
GF 25 H Lite 11 m3 -20oC - +5oC On request
17 m3 0o - +5oC
GF 25 Lite HD 14 m3 -20oC - +10oC On request
20 m3 0o - +10oC
GF 25 Lite D 11 m3 -20oC - +10oC On request
17 m3 0o - +10oC

We suggest you feeling sure in your business with Global Freeze