Refrigeration units for small vehicles (for example Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato etc.)


The range of models of refrigeration units for vehicles:

Now we are ready to offer to you the following range of models: 

GF 19. This refrigeration unit is used to keep the temperature close to 0°С for small vehicles, that is necessary for transporting of flowers, chocolate, vegetables and so on. 

GF 25. This refrigeration unit is ideal for keeping temperatures to -20°С for transporting frozen goods on the vans as with standard truck as with prolonged truck. It can also be used to keep the temperature close to 0°С in the trucks of large volume. 

GF 35. The refrigeration unit can be used at exploitation in the conditions of  long impact of ambient temperatures higher than 30°С.We also developed and tested our equipment on the vehicles.   

All refrigeration units «Global Freeze» have heat exchanging blocks increased durability and efficiency, that is reached due to unique construction, use of tubes of optimum diameter and especially designed chassis, on which the heat exchanging structure is fixed.

The unique system of control which has simple multilingual interface, organized as a menu of a mobile phone is also our particular feature. Unique protocols allow equipment to adapt to specific features of each vehicle, automatically test all the systems and save the list of errors and data of switches of the unit. All this information is shown on the control panel in an appropriate way.

Refrigeration units for small vehicles  Refrigeration units for small vehicles