Refrigeration units for small vehicles (for example Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato etc.)


In recent years, our company conducted a number of measures to improve the efficiency of the installation of our equipment in the vehicles produced by OOO "GAZ»

Хранители холода. Конструкции рефрижераторов


Павел ГАМАНЬКОВ, фото Дмитрия ГЛАДКОГО и Сергея ЛИПСКОГО

Грузовые перевозки скоропортящихся продуктов — довольно прибыльный бизнес. Начинающих предпринимателей чаще всего привлекают расценки на доставку «скоропорта», которые на порядок выше, чем на другие виды грузов. Но и ответственности при перевозке продуктов питания гораздо больше, чем при работе с промышленными грузами. Поэтому, прежде чем покупать «реф», необходимо внимательно изучить теоретическую часть.

Certification of cold


International standards of ATP, obliging carriers of perishable food to confirm with dоcuments the classification of insulation body, has entered into force in Russia since 2012. Although the debats between the government and business on this topic erupt with renewed vigor. The certification cost is significant but the quantity of testing station isn’t enough, as the participants of the market think.

The line of products with expanded temperature range


It’s not a secret, that refrigeration units with function Freon heat work badly at ambient temperature of -15° and colder. It’s connected with physical features of Freon. The sense is in the principle of work of a refrigeration unit, that is also called “Freon heat” in the slang. Starting this mode the compressor compresses the gas (heating it in accordance with the law of conservation of energy) and sends directly to the heat exchanger of the evaporator. 

The evaporator is blown by the fans and by this way the heat gets into the truck. It seams that everything is easy and nice. But the matter is that at low temperatures the refrigerant is liquid and there is no pressure inside of the refrigerator.

Heat or cold? Choosing an ideal refrigerator


Usually people don’t think about how products, flowers and medicaments and others get the counters. But suppliers and entrepreneurs make lots of efforts to transport goods with particular temperature conditions of storage to their destination in ideal conditions. To transport these products they use trucks-refrigerators.

New control panel!


Dear partners! We are glad to introduce you a new control panel for a refrigeration unit.

Novelty Global Freeze


Novelty Global Freeze is an autonomous refrigeration unit GFA 100 for refrigerators of medium and high carrying capacity.


The company Global Freeze introduces the novelty of 2015 – an autonomous refrigeration unit GFA 100 for refrigerators of medium and high carrying capacity.

The refrigeration unit GFA 100 with a compressor driven by an autonomous diesel engine, designed for automatic support of temperature mode for transport of perishable food in isothermal trucks with the volume up to 50 m3. Its diesel engine provides operation of refrigeration aggregate independently on a vehicle.

Refrigeration units with the function “Heat-cold” GF HD


In our company there was developed a new line of refrigeration heating equipment with extended temperature range GF HD.