Novelty Global Freeze


Novelty Global Freeze is an autonomous refrigeration unit GFA 100 for refrigerators of medium and high carrying capacity.

The company Global Freeze introduces the novelty of 2015 – an autonomous refrigeration unit GFA 100 for refrigerators of medium and high carrying capacity.

The refrigeration unit GFA 100 with a compressor driven by an autonomous diesel engine, designed for automatic support of temperature mode for transport of perishable food in isothermal trucks with the volume up to 50 m3. Its diesel engine provides operation of refrigeration aggregate independently on a vehicle.

The new model is developed by the specialists of Global Freeze in partnership with South Korea partners. Most of elements produced in South Korea are an engine Daedong Ind. Co Ltd, a compressor (volume 570 сm3), a control system. The used components are very reliable and easy to service, most of them are widely used in automotive and refrigeration equipment of other producers and are available in other service centers. With increasing producing volumes of refrigeration units the company plans to organize its own assembly of a controlling system.


The construction of a refrigeration unit is a monoblock. The condenser and the evaporator make one block which is installed on the front wall of the truck frontally through a special processing window. In some cases there can be a step from the side of the van. This position allows not to pass the borders of the truck and save space inside of the truck. (look at the photo). The points of fixation of the refrigeration unit GFA 100 coincide with the foreign analogues, that means it doesn’t require any special arrangements for installation of amplifiers while truck producing.

A refrigeration unit GFA 100 can be supplied in a kit with a parking section, providing operation from electrical chain with 380V.

A streamlined protective cover of the condenser block is produced from fiberglass –it’s an own design and production of Global Freeze. The material of a shockproof protective cover of the frontal evaporator block is aluminum.

  • Constructions of refrigeration aggregate have evaporators of increased power that gives the opportunity of effective exploitation in difficult climate conditions.

Assembly of the system provides easy access and easy routine maintenance. In case of emergency there are protective systems, which won’t let the refrigeration equipment fail.

  • Up to now the tests of refrigeration system GFA 100 have been finished and the series production has started. Good value for money allows Global Freeze to be competitive with foreign analogues.