Refrigeration units with the function “Heat-cold” GF HD


Refrigeration units with the function «heat-cold» GF HD

In our company there was developed a new line of refrigeration heating equipment with extended temperature range GF HD. It’s not a secret that refrigeration units with the function of Freon heating operates badly at ambient temperature lower than -15°. It’s connected with physical features of Freon. That’s why there was developed a unit with heating on the base of refrigeration units GF and autonomous heating Planar.

Advantages of the new system:

  1. The system keeps efficiency from -45° to +35 °C of environment.
  2. Management from one remote controller.
  3. The driver sees the temperature in the truck.
  4. The temperature is automatically regulated by the systems of the refrigerator.
  5. At low temperatures the unit achieves the necessary temperature mode quicker than any refrigeration unit with Freon heating.
  6. Increased reliability of the system in general.
  7. Switching on/off of the heater is performed automatically (depending on set on the remote controller temperature).
  8. The limits of regulation of air temperature in the truck from -20 to +20°.
  9. High speed of the flow and excellent mix of air in the truck.