New control panel!


Dear partners! We are glad to introduce you a new control panel for a refrigeration unit.

Refrigeration equipment control system

It was created on the base of a well-established control panel GL-80 and has all the advantages of this panel. The main point in a new system is to increase the reliability of a refrigeration unit, to make it user-friendly and to reduce the load on the on-board vehicle network.

  1. Now a new pressure switch is used that is more reliable and gives more opportunities. It allows more smoothly switch on the condenser fans. Now they work independently one from another and the pressure in the system is more stable. It improved efficiency of a refrigeration unit.
  2. Now you have an opportunity to control pressure of switching of fans and safety modes.
  3. The fans themselves got a smooth start, that reduced the current value and reduced the power surge and on-board network load.
  4. To reduce the fans wear we use the system of alternate switching of the fans at each start.
  5. There is a counter of hours of operation of the compressor that gives more additional opportunities to service specialists.

Warning: The system elements are interchangeable not completely that’s why while ordering spare parts you should mention the number of program and ask your manager.

The firmware number is written on the remote controller of the control panel.

Minimum and maximum temperatures that a client can set are limited. I.e. it’s impossible to set "+30" for example, and more over, the system isn’t able to reach them. Besides, there are some changes, making the use of the system is more comfortable. Now under password there are only system parameters, reset of the error list and return to factory setting. And others: contrast and the colour of LCD, time and date correction, loading calibration and system test are available. Besides, the factory password is set. (bydefault - 1111).

Director Krymov S.V.