The line of products with expanded temperature range


GF HD: line of refrigerating and heating equipment with expanded temperature range

It’s not a secret, that refrigeration units with function Freon heat work badly at ambient temperature of -15° and colder. It’s connected with physical features of Freon. The sense is in the principle of work of a refrigeration unit, that is also called “Freon heat” in the slang. Starting this mode the compressor compresses the gas (heating it in accordance with the law of conservation of energy) and sends directly to the heat exchanger of the evaporator.

The evaporator is blown by the fans and by this way the heat gets into the truck. It seams that everything is easy and nice. But the matter is that at low temperatures the refrigerant is liquid and there is no pressure inside of the refrigerator. To make the refrigerator start in frosty weather engineers have to do anything reducing the reliability of the system itself. The lower the temperature outside the worse is the operation of the refrigerator and the truck heating takes more time. Finally our company developed a new refrigeration unit with heat on the base of refrigeration equipment GLOBAL FREEZE and autonomous heater planar!

Using this scheme:

  • the system saves its efficiency from -45° to +35 °С ambient temperature
  • control cold and heat from the same remote controller
  • the driver sees the temperature in the truck
  • temperature is automatically adjusted by the systems of refrigeration



  • at low temperatures the unit has a necessary temperature mode easier and quicker than any other refrigeration unit with Freon heat
  • the reliability of the unit is generally increased
  • the switching on and off of the heater is performed automatically (depending on the set on the control panel temperature)
  • the limits of air temperature adjusting in the truck are from -20 to +20°
  • high speed of air flow and excellent air mix in the truck
  • dealer price on the unit with diesel heat is lower than with Freon heat!

So the advantages are numerous. The choice is up to you!