GFA 100

Volume of the truck, m³Temperature mode, °C
Маrk of refrigerant

Autonome refrigeration unit  

The increase in freight traffic makes companies to pay attention to the use of trailers with isothermal trucks as addition to the existing vehicle park. Or the carrier has to leave the vehicle loaded for a long time without movement. 

This special offer of the company «Global Freeze» was made for these cases.

The autonome refrigeration unit GFA100 is designed especially for freight of cool and frozen goods by vehicles, equipped with isothermal truck with the volume of 57 m3.     

The units provide temperature mode inside of the truck from +10С to -20С at the ambient temperature + ЗОС. The top evaporators of improved power are used in this type of units. 

The condenser block is designed in the way to be in the limits of trucks dimensions.   

The technical decision of the unit let effectively exploit it in hard climate conditions.   The location of aggregates gives the easy access to them for regular maintenance. 

The parking unit is located on the frame under the truck.