GFE 130

Volume of the truck, m³Temperature mode, °C
Маrk of refrigerant

Eutectic unit Global Freeze™ Eutectic.

Eutectic refrigeration units differ from others by the presence of cold accumulators which are in the truck with the thickness of walls 120mm and more and with the coefficient not less than 0,27. During the parking the car is connected to the 380V power supply for charging (freezing) of cold accumulators. While transporting the goods the refrigeration unit isn’t switched on, temperature stability is supported by frozen ahead eutectic modules. So eutectic systems are the only technical solution, providing 100% safety of cargo because of independence of temperature inside of the truck on mechanical driven serviceability.  

Advantages of an eutectic system GFE:

  • Provide the keeping of temperature -30 °С during all working day at closed doors of the truck and to  -26 °С at often opening doors.
  • Reduction of the exploitation costs due to lack of increasing fuel consumption while the refrigeration unit is working 
  • Quick set of temperature inside of the truck after opening the doors.
  • Small weight in comparison with analogues let increase vehicle carrying capacity on 30%.
  • Autorefrigerators with eutectic system improves driving stability while driving of an empty vehicle due to the distributed weight of the unit in the truck
  • Charging is carried out at night as a rule, that let reduce costs on electricity.

The reduction of the weight of the equipment is reached due to the use of PCM modules as cold accumulators produced in South Korea and certified 2007. The weight of 1 module is 2,7 kg, the quantity of PCM modules depends on the loading capacity of the vehicle. PCM modules are placed in rows on the ceiling of the truck. Inside of the PCM modules there are pipes with Freon.