GF 45 H

Volume of the truck, m³Temperature mode, °C
Маrk of refrigerant

Protective condenser unit housing is made of fiberglass. 

The material of evaporator unit housing is injury-preventing plastic. The material of a shockproof evaporator block housing is food aluminum.

The heat exchangers of evaporator and condenser blocks were developed and engineered by own construction department for reaching maximum cooling capacity of systems and are produced on the factories, certified according the standard ISO 9000 (9001)

We use reliable axial and centrifugal fans produced by «Spal» (Italy) and «Zextor» (South Korea)

For more exact control of temperature and parameters of refrigeration system there are 2 switches. The first one indicates the temperature of evaporator lamellas and the second one indicates the ambient temperature of the truck.

  • Upgraded Russian/English interface, made on the principle of a mobile phone navigation. 
  • LCD display has backlight (the colour is chosen by the user) to improve the perception in low light conditions. 
  • Fixing of the remove control in the van
  • Self-diagnostics of the controlling system after switching off the electricity 
  • Non-volatile errors memory  
  • Separate controlling of the condition of the electrical chains 
  • Connection between the remove control and the controlling block with digital bus 
  • Sealed block of control, which doesn’t require maintenance 

Electrical equipment:

  • Production of wiring harnesses is at special electronic components manufactures, certified with the standard ISO 9000 (9001)
  • Connection of wires is with help of sealed connecting blocks and standard automotive connectors 
  • Power consumption of refrigeration system is counted individually for each system  taking into consideration the carrying capacity of the generator of the vehicle. 
  • Central fuse at 16А for protection of the whole supply chain of the refrigeration unit 

Hydraulic and gaz lines:

  • The lines «Good Year» (USA) are used
  • Reliable aluminum fittings with the cutting-edge sealing construction.


  • The compressors are especially designed for refrigeration units 
  • Low noise level 

The bracket of the compressor:

  • Own brackets production