Repair service

Standards of repair service:

  1. Light repair:
    • Replacing of condenser fan
    • replacing of evaporator fan
    • Replacing of electronic control panel
    • replacing of switches, relays, fuse, control sensor and so on
    • search and elimination of Freon leakage
    • replacing of pressure switch
    • replacing of filter-drier
    • replacing of receiver
  2. Average repair:
    • replacing of components associated with soldering of pipes
    • replacing of pipes (hoses) in case of violation of its integrity, replacing of fittings
    • repair-replacing of the bracket of the compressor
    • wiring repair
    • replacing of the condenser block
    • replacing of evaporator block
    • replacing, TRV adjustment, replacing of nozzles
    • replacing of the compressor
    • repair of additional heater and parking system
    • compressor repair
  3. Complex repair:
    • wiring repair
    • search and repair of disputable troubleshooting
    • other kinds of repair associated with replacing or repair of main components with laboriousness of more 2 person-days